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A general rant on phones and conversations. March 21, 2009

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One of my favorite things that the arrival of the Internet brought along is not instant news, nor is it the potential to blog. It is the instant messenger. It allows you to continue conversations with your friends after you come home from school, which no other device in the world could do. And no, I am not forgetting the telephone, that didn’t let me continue conversations for one good reason; I can never call someone without a specific reason. If I call someone up ‘just for a chat’ I manage to talk for about 30 seconds. The following silence is so loud that I’m forced to say goodbye and hang up before the other person dies of boredom. Some people however, especially girls, seem to manage to talk on the phone for hours at a time without taking in a single breath. How do they do this?

Maybe it’s because I hardly ever use my mobile phone. This is partly because my first ever phone was a Sony Ericson, and unless you were sitting in Telstra’s letterbox when calling there was no way I could hear who was on the other end of the line. I could be talking to the King of Spain for all I knew, because the speaker on the phone was abysmal. Coupled with the fact that I generally had to use it when on a 4,000 year old National Bus didn’t help either. So now I have an LG. It is a simple but nice little phone, and I do like it, but it has one flaw. The battery life. It’s fine, as long as you don’t do anything with the phone. But as soon as you start calling someone, the battery is dead before you can leave a message.

Another bad experience with phones is trying to dig out my mum’s phone out of her handbag when it’s ringing. Talk about impossible. The amount of stuff that can fit in a handbag is incredible. Tissues, keys, books, pens, phones, photos, documents, golf clubs, foreign money, sunglasses, hats, credit cards, light bulbs and much more. The Americans were lucky Sudan Hussien wasn’t hiding in my mum’s handbag. They would still be looking for him. And I’ve never really liked hands free calling. In the car it just makes you look like a fool who’s talking to his sun visor, and on the street you try to figure out if the person is talking to a someone on the phone or talking to you. Or both. Trust me, it can be tricky at times to figure it out.

Anyway, moving right along from the rambling, I recently went to the airshow, with Tamasys. I loved it, it’s a rare occasion I get just to look at and talk about airplanes all day. But I don’t think Tamasys was inspired to take up flying. Oh well, there’s always the 2011 airshow. 😛

And I have just realised that this is the latest I have ever posted, being 10:48 pm, which may explain the ramblingness of this blog. Never mind, until next time readers, Adieu.



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